Owner Barbara Lawson

Owner Barbara Lawson

Your Hair Extensionist is enthusiastically owned and operated by Barbara Lawson. She became a hair extensionist after her own hair extensions were implemented using micro-locs. She liked the idea that no chemicals were used on her own hair to attach them – and she found them to be very comfortable. Her confidence soared with more youthful-looking hair.

Barbara has long had a keen interest in the art of beauty and especially the transformational qualities that magically can happen, producing startling results. Applying hair extensions can transform one’s looks by adding more body and/or length to thin hair. It’s a win-win for Barbara when the client sees herself with the hair she’s only dreamed about. It’s a happy moment for both of them!

Barbara was trained and certified in the art of hair extensions by Dana Campanella, owner of Peninsula Hair Extensions, who herself was trained by Sheila Matechuk, of Goddess Hair Extensions.

Two of her favorite reads in recent years are “Staging Your Comeback, A Complete Beauty Revival for Women Over 45” by Christopher Hopkins, and “How to Never Look Fat Again” by Charla Krup.

What makes a good hair extensionist?

The manual dexterity that goes hand-in-hand with such skills as sewing, crochet, knitting, needlepoint and embroidery

Barbara sewed her own clothes from 6th grade through her high school years. She’s knitted several long sleeved sweaters with intricate patterns. She used to make macramé hanging potted plant holders out of rope and sold them in the ‘70s for extra money when she was a stay-at-home mom.

Organization and attention to detail

Although she worked as an Executive Assistant in Silicon Valley for many years, Barbara is now pleased to be working in this new profession helping women look their best. Her attention to detail and organizational skills transfer well to this new career, as being a hair extensionist requires precise placement of the extensions.

A keen eye for the use of color and how it applies to skin and hair

From early on, one of her favorite pastimes was reviewing the before and after articles in fashion magazines for hair, makeup and clothing choices. Barbara was trained in the use of color and how it applies to skin and hair tones when she sold BeautifControl Cosmetics in the ‘80s. The skills she learned at that time applied to selecting clothing and cosmetics to match your looks – and these same skills apply today in her work with hair.

Barbara faithfully devoured the weekly cable show “What Not to Wear,” where each week the host stylists perform their transformative work. Starting with people who are completely out of touch, when it comes to style (in fact, they are nominated by friends and family for this makeover), they transform them into polished and sophisticated individuals.  Sorry to see that show go off the air after 10 years!