Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to use a certain brand of shampoo & conditioner?

No, however, we do recommend that you use quality shampoos and conditioners. Sulfate-free shampoos & conditioners tend to be less harsh on breaking down the tips of the extensions. When shampooing hair, use more of a pressing motion on the scalp/extensions instead of rubbing. We suggest putting your conditioner in your hands first then running them through your hair so that you don’t saturate your scalp but insure the ends of the hair are conditioned well.

How often do I shampoo, and do I do anything differently?

Just continue washing your hair as often as you currently do. During your routine, it’s best to put shampoo and conditioners in your hands first then run them down and through your hair. While shampooing, use a pressing motion in and around the locs instead of rubbing. While conditioning your hair, try combing (below the locs) to help remove tangles. Finally, once hair is rinsed, gently squeeze as much water out of your hair as you can. Once excess water is removed, you can then towel-dry your hair.

Can I comb and brush my hair with micro-locs?

Brushing your hair daily is actually good for the hair; however, a natural, soft brush should be used, such as natural boar bristle brush or one of the new looped hair extension brushes. Do not use a brush with hard bristles that get caught in the loc as it will open them! When using a comb, comb above and below the loc only…not straight down through the loc.

Do you have suggestions for combing tangled hair?

Always comb and brush gently. When you have tangles, section the hair and hold it with one hand near the scalp; start combing near the bottom and work your way up. If necessary, use a hair de-tangler spray.

When styling my hair, can I use flat irons, blow dryers and hot rollers on my extensions?

Yes, that’s the beauty of it! We use human hair so you can pretty much do anything to it that you do to your own hair. Please understand that the longer and fuller your hair, the longer it will take to style it. In most cases, after the application, you will have twice the amount of hair you currently have!

Can I use hair color on my extensions?

Yes you can. However, over-treating any hair can result in damage and is not recommended.

Can the extensions fall out of my hair?

Loss of a few extensions between your maintenance appointments is completely normal. If an extension starts to drop, don’t pull on it. Gently work it out by holding the hair between your scalp and loc with one hand and sliding the loc/hair extensions down with the other hand. Or you can open and remove the loc with a pair of pliers.

What makes the extensions fall out?

The reason our method is non-damaging is because of the silicone-lined loc. It can be opened and closed fairly easily. Therefore, sharps objects, such as combs, nylon brushes and hair clips, can open the tip of the loc if they make a connection right on it. As a rule, keep these items away from the loc.

How do I sleep with my new hair?

For the first few days, it may be uncomfortable because the locs will be so close to your scalp. Once they loosen a bit, it will be more comfortable. For the longer extensions, we suggest bringing your hair over one shoulder when sleeping on your back. And never sleep with wet hair as that can cause tangling.

Can people tell that I am wearing extensions?

If you go from short hair to long hair overnight, your family and friends will know something is up. However, the placement of the locs are done in such a way that they are hidden. Having said that, if the wind blows, yes, the locs may be seen. If you go swimming or after you shower, yes, the locs can be seen when hair is wet. Note: It is harder to hide the locs in blonde hair.

Will micro-locs ruin my hair?

This is a big concern from clients and understandably so. The silicone lined loc that we use is simply clamped onto your hair like a barrette and can be easily opened. There are no chemicals or glues used on your hair, therefore, making it safe for most hair types.

My hair has highlights. Can I still get extensions?

Yes! The hair that we offer is available in many colors. It is prepared just for you so that we can simulate your exact colors including highlights and lowlights. You can also continue to have highlights done by a professional hair stylist if you wish. It is easy for them to work around the extensions.

How long will the extensions last?

The hair we offer can last up to a year and sometimes longer (9 months on average) depending on client care. Maintenance is needed between 6-8 weeks to replace new locs back to the scalp. The health of the extension is also assessed during maintenance and will sometimes be re-tipped by the extensionist to reduce shedding and prolong its wear time.

Do you have a Cosmetology License?

Under Section 7316 D of the California Cosmetology and Barbering Regulations (see page 30), we are not required to have a license as long as the client’s hair is not washed, colored, cut, or styled in the process of applying or attaching hair extensions. We are, however, certified extensionists and we work alongside licensed cosmetologists so that full hair services are available to all of our clients.