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This is the only true “non-damaging” method of hair extension application today. We utilize a tiny micro-loc lined with silicone that can be opened and closed. Not only is it non-damaging to your own hair, but it allows us to attach hair extensions without detection. It allows the hair to become part of you… it will actually look, feel, and move just like your own hair! Custom hair extensions can last up to a year or longer (9 months on average depending on client care) with maintenance about every 6 to 8 weeks.

If you shop around, you’ll find many methods today use glue, adhesives and reactive chemicals or unlined metal locs which can cut your own hair. We don’t use any of those! Our nickel alloy & copper locs contain a silicone grip inside so they are easy to put in… and just as easy to remove without any damage to your own hair.